AMD plans chip refresh in time for Windows 8

AMD Brazos Leaked Slides AMD Brazos Leaked Slides[/caption] [caption id="attachment_4708" align="alignnone" width="590"]AMD Brazos Leaked Slides 2 AMD Brazos Leaked Slides 2[/caption] According to the slides, Hondo is designed to operate with passive cooling, and have 2W “app power” usage, about half that of the current Brazos chips. AMD outlines Hondo as a “re-architected” chip from its Ontario accelerated processing unit (APU) core found in Brazos. AMD claims that the 2W “app power” rating applies when the chip has to cope with 720p video playback, with “wireless web browsing” drawing 1.6W. The thermal design power (TDP), or maximum power the chip will draw, will be less then 4.5W. AMD says the 1GHz dual core chip will be fabbed at 40nm and have a DirectX 11 capable GPU that will be clocked at 276MHz. Hondo is the first AMD chip that looks like it might be able to challenge Intel for design wins. There will certainly be more changes in the Chip industry as Microsoft remakes their Operating System in a major way. Credit]]>

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