An Early Look At The Surface Pro 8

Surface Pro 8 Concept

With both the Surface Book 3 and the Surface Laptop 3 now a reality, attention is now shifting towards what’s next for the most successful device in the family. Surface Pro 8 is what’s next.

The Pro has been a mainstay of the Surface lineup almost since the beginning, with Microsoft launching the original Surface Pro a year after the debut of the Surface RT. And we are now nearing the eighth generation of the device.

Precious little is known about the Surface Pro 8.

Most of it is speculation.

But a concept was published this week that aims to provide us with a closer look at the model, and how it might look whenever Microsoft officially unveils it. The design is based on the existing tidbits, though Redmond has remained rather mum on the machine as is the norm nowadays.

Check it out:

The concept envisions a more modern design with smaller bezels around the display. In fact, it is believed that the Surface Pro 8 will pioneer this change in the Surface lineup.

In addition, the upcoming device is expected to be thinner than the current model. It might also come with an updated keyboard that will be offered alongside an upgraded Surface Pen, with the stylus to feature an improved 9ms latency.

More interesting will be the choice of processor that Microsoft uses in the Surface Pro 8.

The software titan has increased its interest in AMD chips lately. And while there is a good chance that the Surface Pro will stick with an Intel processor for now, an AMD powered version should not be ruled out.

Throw in options for up to 1TB SSD and a maximum of 32GB of RAM, and you have got yourself a tablet.

As to when the Surface Pro 8 might launch, this is the real question. Microsoft typically unveils new Surface products in the fall or spring. And with the world currently grappling with coronavirus, a spring 2021 launch seems the most likely option.

We’ll find out soon enough.

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