An Outdated Windows Phone Website Sure Can Make One Dream

The stuff that dreams are made of! Apparently, outdated websites count too, as a Windows Phone admirer found out about an archaic page that hinted at support for more phones.

As in, more smartphones to be supported in the Windows Insider program.

Long story short, it was a false alarm.

One of the more controversial decisions the Redmond based company has made lately is in April, when it shipped the Creators Update, but only pledged to support just 11 devices — despite the fact that many other handsets out in the wild are able to run the Creators Update perfectly fine.

Of course, many users turned to a hack that involved editing the Device Target Info on unsupported phones to continue getting builds of the mobile OS.

But interestingly, for a while it seemed that Microsoft had quietly increased the number of devices supported by the Windows Insider Program so that these handsets could get new updates officially. At least, that’s what this page hinted at.

Before it was updated, the above list edited, and phones removed, of course.

A Twitter user discovered this, and found that several older Windows phones had been added, including Lumia devices like the 930 and 1520, along with the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL and no less than 4 different BLU models.

Unfortunately, Microsoft was quick to confirm that the website was actually updated, and moved in to remove the unsupported phones from the list.

So, while the webpage now displays the correct information, it is nevertheless, less than pleasing for some Windows Phone users that may have gotten their hopes up in the meantime, thinking that the software giant had a change of heart.

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