Analysts Believe That No One Could Ever Kill Windows

A bit of the Titanic spirit going on here, it seems. Even though the Windows platform in general has had to face intense criticism these past few days, it still remains the most dominant operating system out there.

Totaled together, Windows has a market share of no less than 91.89 percent for the month of March.

But obviously, some analysts have different perceptions. Gartner very recently published a report a couple of days ago warning that unless it does something Microsoft is about to lose its dominance in the computing world.

This is particularly due to the increasing relevance of tablets and smartphones devices.

Gartner is of the view that by 2017 Microsoft would no longer be the king of the operating systems world, and the company itself would lose relevance, while both Android and iOS would grow by leaps and bounds in popularity.

But Aaron Freimark (CTO of Tekserve, an Apple reseller) and Benjamin Robbins (co-founder Palador, a mobile consultancy firm) believe that Windows will clearly remain the IT leader for a long time.

Talking to TechTarget, Freimark said:

“Tablets are being used as companions”.

Fair enough. The analyst further explained that PCs running Windows will remain the working environment. Robbins added that many users find the transition to solely mobile devices very difficult:

“I was stuck in that PC mindset. We really have ingrained patterns in our heads about not only how to work, but how to interact with a computer. Stepping outside of that is frightening. … The first month was really a challenge. I really had to stop and think about what I was doing.”

In fact, according to both these chaps, tablet along with smartphones have only a very slim chance of becoming a real threat. And in many ways these statements make quite some sense.

Microsoft, for its part has no intention to kill off the desktop and solely focus on the Metro user interface — despite what the rumors would lead one to believe. A move like this could completely kill off productivity, and Redmond knows this as it designs new versions of Windows.

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