Analyst Believes He Knows The Name Of The Next Microsoft CEO

When it comes to technology analysts, Rick Sherlund is one of the more well-known variety. He is always in and around Microsoft deals, and regularly chips in with how he sees things are proceeding.

And as far as this analyst with Nomura is concerned, he claims he has an idea of what exactly is going on.

There are a number of options for Microsoft’s vacant CEO seat, but Sherlund thinks it all comes down to one candidate — one candidate that has been in the news ever since the search kicked off.

Yes, Alan Mulally, the head of American carmaker Ford is again said to be the one that will take things over from Steve Ballmer very soon. Again, this is not the first time we have heard this from Sherlund. The analyst made a similar claim early last month.

But now talking to Business Insider, the Nomura analyst again asserted his belief:

“We view these comments as non-answers to the question and appear to us to be consistent with our view that he is in discussions with Microsoft’s board for the CEO slot at Microsoft. If he were not in discussions, it would be easy to say I am not interested and will not go, as some other candidates have said. He does not say this.”

The guy has got a point. There were early reports that Microsoft was in talks with a number of other high-profile candidates but discussions died down quick once they said no. Outright.

Sure, Alan Mulally continues beating the same beat that he wants to stay with Ford until 2014. But the fact that he is still considered by many to be the leading candidate has to count for something.

We should find out soon, either way.

Written by Elaine Lee


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