Analyst: Enterprise IT Users Will Be The Ones Most Interested In Windows 8.1

The Windows operating system, in its various forms and flavors, is powering no less than 91.67 percent of computers worldwide, according to the latest statistics by the market research firm Net Applications.

Windows 8, individually, now stands at 4.27 percent — enough for fourth place.

But even with Microsoft holding more than 91 percent of the desktop market, some analysts have been suggesting that the company’s days of dominion are over. And even the upcoming release of Windows 8.1 may not be enough to make a difference the way the market is heading.

Richard Edwards, an analyst over at Ovum, in an interview with The Register said that while Windows 8.1 will indeed bring plenty of enhancements and security improvements, these news options will interest the enterprise sector the most:

“The new security and connectivity features of Windows 8.1 announced this week will be of interest to enterprise IT professionals, but they are unlikely to boost demand from the workforce or sales within the consumer market.

Microsoft has the resources to ‘fix’ Windows 8, but it should realize that its days of almost total domination are now over. Diversity is now a fact-of-life within in the world of end user computing, with BYOD and BYOA redefining the corporate IT landscape.”

Ultimately, while the signals are clear of a shift towards tablet computing for end users, enhanced control that Microsoft is bringing in for businesses will make the new platform a hit amongst IT users. Desktop and tablet users area already a shrinking base, with the rise of tablet devices.

How it pans out, however, will be plain evident in just a few months. Window 8.1 is set to arrive in preview form on June 26, while the stable build will follow later this year, probably in August.

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