Analyst: Microsoft Could Launch A 7-Inch Surface Tablet By June

If there is one thing Microsoft does not say a word about is a smaller version of its Surface tablet. Actually, there are many such things that Redmond likes to keep mum on, but that’s just how things are.

Regardless, a Surface Mini tablet is reportedly in the works. And for quite some time now, at that.

More evidence comes our way on what seems like a 7 or 8 inch version of the Surface device, running either Windows 8 or Windows Blue. Previously rumors were about a 7-inch slate running Windows 8.

No concrete release date for such a device for the time being, but according to Barron’s, UBS analyst Brent Hill seems to think that a smaller Microsoft unit could hit the market by June.

June, as you may well know, is the time when Microsoft is expected to release the first public beta of Windows Blue.

The plot thickens.

How this will play out still remains shrouded in mystery. It is not yet clear whether Microsoft plans to launch a Surface Mini running Windows 8 (and upgradable to Windows Blue), but nevertheless, the software titan recently adjusted the Windows 8 hardware requirements.

The newest adjustment allows the deployment of the OS on devices with resolutions of 1024 by 768.

Besides, the company has on more than one occasion confirmed that it is actively looking to expand its Surface product range with new models. No clear indication that a Surface Mini is in the works, officially that is, but it just makes logical sense to target this form factor.

Just how Microsoft tries to target it, remains the point of (immense) interest!

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