Analyst: Microsoft Should Bring Back The Start Menu ASAP

Months into release, the radical changes introduced with Windows 8 still remain a talking point. More specifically, the lack of a Start Menu in particular is an argument of rising controversy.

At the time of release, Microsoft would have hoped that everyone would have gotten used to the Start Screen introduced with Windows 8 by now.

But the debate still rages on — not just amongst users, but also market analysts.

JP Gownder, a Forrester analyst has jumped into the fray and advises the technology giant to bring the Start Menu back as soon as possible, stressing that the success of its upcoming operating system pretty much depends on this feature:

“During the period when the Windows Store’s modern UI apps continue to grow in number and sophistication, Windows 8 users need to have the strongest possible Desktop Mode experience. Empowering users with familiar tools wouldn’t be a sign of surrender, but rather a sign that Microsoft listens to its customers.”

Additionally, the analyst explains that a lot of Windows 8 users are already using third-party Start buttons and an official option will only make things a lot easier for all involved.

There have been growing rumors in the past week or so that Microsoft is contemplating bringing back the Start Menu in Windows 8.1 — the first upgrade to the company’s brand new platform. This upcoming refresh is currently in development and scheduled to go live sometimes this summer.

Having said that, it must be noted that the leaked preview builds of the upcoming OS did not feature such an option, meaning Microsoft may well be saving this closer to release — if at all.

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