Analyst: Only 230,000 Surface RT Tablets Sold So Far

Oh boy, talk about an explosive assessment. While most estimates have put sales figures for Microsoft’s first tablet at in and around 1 million units, the fact that Redmond is yet to provide any sales figures is infusing confusion on the success of the device.

A lot of people were expecting Microsoft to sprinkle some statistics in its recent quarterly conference call, but when a company that lives by numbers is keeping this quiet, it does raise a few eyebrows.

Barron’s recently estimated that the company had managed to move 1 million Sales RT units in the first quarter on the market. Citigroup analyst Walter Pritchard isn’t too far off in thinking that Microsoft has sold somewhere between 700,000 and 800,000 Surface RT tablets last quarter.

But Goldman Sachs analyst Heather Bellini believes the company’s first tablet is a complete failure, while estimating that Microsoft has only sold around 230,000 slates so far.

Surface RT was released last year in October. And though the tablet suffered from limited distribution initially, Microsoft has gradually several new places for people to purchase the tablet.

The next few weeks will also see the tablet hit 13 new European markets.

Sure these are only estimates, and only Redmond knows the real numbers. But obviously the fall from a couple of million units down to a figure this small is as alarming as it is frightening.

What are your thoughts on the matter? If Bellini’s numbers are closer to reality, where would that put the future of the RT version of Surface?

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