Analyst Predicts Windows 8 Will Take Off Together With Touchscreen Notebooks

Who would have thought the lack of touchscreen enabled units will be cited as one of the major reasons for the slow uptake of Windows 8. Surely not Microsoft, it seems.

Several high-profile Microsoft executives, including CEO Steve Ballmer, have decried the lack of touch-capable Windows 8 devices in the market, and have called upon PC manufacturers to increase their efforts in this area.

A new market research conducted by NPD Group claims that Windows 8 is all poised to boost sales in the coming months. The report over at ZDNet  suggests that touch-enabled notebooks are very likely to record increased sales later this year, which in turn could lend a hand to Microsoft’s operating system.

Calvin Hsieh, the research director at NPD DisplaySearch said:

“Touch-screen and PC manufacturers are looking carefully at how successful these initial Windows 8 touch-screen notebook models are in the market, as the touch-screen module requirements for Windows 8 increase module costs, and those requirements are difficult to meet in high volume production.”

So then, once again, it all comes down to the final price of hardware products.

Microsoft has, obviously, changed its strategy in this regard and is the company is now offering special discounts to partners that are ready and willing to bring more hardware devices powered by its new OS to store shelves.

Just how much of an impact the success of touch-enabled notebooks has on Windows 8 will be evident in the all-important summer and holiday shopping season this year.

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