Analyst: Samsung trying to trip up Microsoft Windows Phone 8

Not too long ago we reported that Samsung was directly blaming Microsoft for more reception of Windows 8. While they haven’t said the same about Windows Phone 8, Samsung hasn’t exactly done much with their WP8 offerings as of yet.

The question is: What is going on at Samsung? It could simply be that Samsung feels that Microsoft didn’t do a good enough job with their software, and so Samsung doesn’t want to do much with their hardware efforts, but remember these kinds of things go both ways.

Samsung hasn’t exactly created riveting designs on the tablet or phone front when it comes to Windows, although its Android offerings have in fact been rather innovative in many ways (adding voice calling to the Note 8.0 tablet, introducing the phablet, etc).

My theory has always been that Samsung is instead just throwing things in different directions to see what sticks. So far Android has had the best “stick rate” apparently. That said, Samsung also seems to be preparing to launch its own handsets running on Tizen (an OS which is essentially partially owns).

While my theory is that Samsung just tries a bunch of things without putting in too much time or effort to see if it is worth taking things a step further, apparently Detwiler Fenton analyst Jeff Johnston has a whole different theory.

Samsung Could Be Purposely Hindering Windows Phone 8, According to Analyst

According to Johnston, Samsung has made no effort to boost sales of the ATIV Odyssey in the United States, which is being sold exclusively by Verizon. The case could certainly be made for the fact that Samsung just doesn’t want to invest too much into marketing an OS that hasn’t gained much traction yet (like I already stated), but Johnston believes that it isn’t that simple:

Our checks indicate that Samsung may be intentionally gobbling up Microsoft’s smartphone resources as a strategic move to impede the adoption of Windows Phone 8. While Samsung insists on receiving extensive engineering support (which they are getting) from Microsoft, there is no evidence that Samsung has any interest in seeing the Windows Phone platform succeed.

In short, the analyst believes that Samsung may have no intention on really ever doing much with Windows Phone, and is simply trying to waste Microsoft’s time and money. Why would they do something like that? Johnson doesn’t say, but can probably assume that IF (and that is a big IF) it is true it is because Samsung is trying to slow down competition for Tizen.

While Tizen might not have a shot at competing with big boys like Android or iOS anytime soon, Blackberry and Windows Phone 8’s market share isn’t that large and Samsung could have its sights on taking third place with Tizen.

The idea isn’t insane I suppose, but I don’t know if I personally buy it. Microsoft has deep pockets so even if Samsung is intentionally trying to waste time and money from Microsoft, and can’t see that it would do that much harm. Additionally, unless Chrome OS starts bringing in a more significant amount of market share, Samsung needs Microsoft as a partner for desktop/laptop efforts and so they probably wouldn’t do too much to risk that relationship – although they weren’t shy to tell Microsoft that Windows 8 ‘sucks’.

What do you think, do you believe that Samsung is purposely trying to sabotage Windows Phone 8, or do you think the idea is silly? Share your thoughts below.

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