Analyst: Surface Pro Buzz Will Die Off In Six Months

It has been almost ten days since the debut of the Surface Pro, and while most news headlines are that Microsoft is still struggling to deal with the shortage of 128GB capacity units across North America, some analysts are already voicing their disapproval.

Salman Chaudry is one such analyst that is less than impressed. He is the product manager for mobile computing at an analyst firm (Context World), and according to ChannelNomics held a view:

“I do not really see a long lifespan for Surface hardware, based on our channel analysis. I think we can assume [that] in the next six months, the Surface will come and go with not much trace of an impact. It was marketing for the point of selling Windows 8, but there has not been huge penetration and we see that OEMs are taking the role as hardware manufacturers”.

Essentially, all this hoopla is going to last less than six months, according to the above market watcher, and the tablet sales will not increase too much in the short term.

The reason for this lackluster performance you ask? Here:

“It is a business tablet which is not going [to be sold] through a business strategy – it is suicide.”

Still, Microsoft itself has termed the demand for Surface Pro amazing. Whether the technology titan has evaluated business scope in all this, only it knows.

The Surface Pro is currently available exclusively in the United States and Canada, though Redmond has already confirmed that international availability is to be announced soon, particularly in places like the United Kingdom and other important European markets.

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