Analyst: Surface Pro Needs A Few Changes To Really Succeed

Microsoft has been awfully mum on the issue of Surface sales, and has not said a thing regarding how its tablets are selling right now. Unofficial figures put the Surface Pro sales at 400,000 units.

Which in of itself is not so bad at all when you consider that the device has been on the market for slightly over a month — and the phrase on the market is being used with extreme care here, considering all the supply shortages of the 128GB model that Microsoft had to go though.

Still, some experts believe that the Surface Pro could do a lot better in the coming months and years.

Doug Lampe, the IT manager over at Lockheed Martin is of the view that the Surface Pro still needs a number of upgrades before it can make its mark in industry sectors — particularly the enterprise market. Talking to InformationWeek, he said:

“I’m not sure the Surface Pro will ultimately be successful in the enterprise environment without some changes. Having to deal with the kickstand, keyboard, et cetera and then adding a third-party dock or network adapter just sounds like too much trouble, especially when I can install Windows 8 on my current device and possibly have a better overall experience even without the keyboard.”

Not sure about the bit about a better overall experience, but nevertheless, for a first-generation device, the Surface Pro does a lot of things right. Here’s hoping that the hardware wizards at Microsoft are hard at work creating a worthy successor at the very time of this writing.

Nevertheless, Redmond still has big plans for its premier tablet. While the Surface Pro is currently only available in North America (USA and Canada), the technology titan is readying for launch in other important markets — the most important being the United Kingdom and Europe.

Microsoft is yet to announce official dates for launch in the Old Continent, but signs point towards a UK arrival within the next few weeks.

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