Analyst: The Next Two Months Are Critical For Upgrading From Windows XP

Windows XP has less than a year before Microsoft will stop providing support. The cutoff data has been announced as April 8, 2014, but clearly things are not moving as fast as Redmond would have hoped.

While there is a fair chance almost everyone is listening — only a few users and businesses are taking this message as seriously as they should.

Kevin Beadon, the head of workspace & mobility at Glasshouse Technologies believes that the next two months are absolutely critical for businesses that want to start the transition from Windows XP to a newer operating system.

If the decision is not made soon, then several users and companies could run out of time. In an interview with ComputerWeekly he said:

“Those that fail to implement a migration or contingency plan over the next couple of months will risk not being able to move their applications in time and come next April’s cut off point, may face compliance issues.”

Microsoft has also intensified its efforts to warn and convince users to say goodbye to Windows XP, and move to a newer platform. The software titan has often pointed out the security risks that could have drastic effects on an unpatched system.

According to the software titan, it will be far too easy for hackers and cybercriminals to exploit a weakness after the support date ends, break into an unpatched system and access user data.

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