Analyst: Windows 8.1 Will Not Be A Miracle Cure

With the nearing release of the preview version of Windows 8.1 next week, and the full version soon to follow in a few months, analysts have started weighing in with their predictions.

All eyes are now on Redmond and the next step it takes for the Windows platform.

Marie-Christine Pygott, a senior analyst over at Context believes Windows 8.1 alone cannot save the faltering sales of PC hardware, as a large reason for the decline is he current economic situation around the globe. The analyst was quoted by The Channel as saying:

“We’ve not seen the desired effect from Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 might provide a lift in sales but it is no miracle cure to overall problems because the sales downturn is due to the economy.”

In other words the lackluster sales are not entirely because Windows 8 is a confusing operating system, as most analysts like to suggest.

Pygott, however, goes on to say that when it comes to the overall success of Windows 8.1 devices, pricing will be a very important factor. Microsoft would do well to try and make these devices affordable, and go in with slightly lower licensing fees:

“Price is one of the reasons sales have been low – there weren’t many touch systems available at the launch of Windows and the ones that were out there were quite expensive.”

Windows 8.1 Preview will officially make its debut next week at the BUILD developer conference. The final stable version of the new OS is on track for release later this year, probably during the August to September timeframe.

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