Android 13 is coming to Windows 11

October 24, 2022

Jolly good! Android is now a citizen of Windows 11, with Microsoft diligently updating the beloved Windows Subsystem for Android at a regular interval with new features and options.

As a result, WSA is not only significantly faster, it is also packed with new additions that make the experience of running these types of mobile apps natively on the desktop a pleasant one. And, it seems that it is about to get even more pleasant.

That’s because, Microsoft has confirmed that it is bringing Android 13 to the platform shortly.

This latest version of the mobile OS was officially announced by Google on August 15, 2022, and it comes with new theming options, icons, and much more.

And, in a surprise move, Redmond has quietly published the first roadmap for WSA on its GitHub page, officially confirming that it is working on upgrading the subsystem to this latest version of Android, likely at a quick pace.

The road ahead:

WSA Roadmap

The latest version of WSA was released last month, and it brough with it a number of new features like advanced networking, better gaming performance, enhanced support for mouse and keyboard input, additional improvements to gamepad controls, to go with superior integration with OS features.

At the time of launch, the Windows Subsystem for Android was only available on home turn, with only users in the United States allowed to officially try the integration.

Since then, things have picked up speed, and an expansion late last month enabled folks in several new countries to try things out. This includes 20+ new regions in Europe. That done, a global rollout covering Asian markets is now expected in early 2023.

Hopefully, with Android 13.

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