Andromeda May Support Phone Calls

The question of the month is not when Andromeda will make it to store shelves, but whether this upcoming device from Microsoft will include some phone features.

Phone features like making calls, for instance.

We have had a lot of new intelligence recently on this mythic new machine that is in development behind Redmond walls. While some said that this was the Surface Phone, new rumors point to this being a product supporting multiple form factors — not a phone per se.

Complete with foldable displays and a revolutionary little hinge to go with them.

In other words, codenamed Andromeda, this is not a device that will go up against the likes of Samsung Galaxy S9 or Apple iPhone. Instead, this is supposed to be a device that can be converted from a laptop to tablet simply by adjusting the position and angles of the display.

However, as noted, the existing prototypes of Andromeda do actually feature telephony capabilities.

Meaning, there is a solid shot that the device will be able to make phone call sand send text messages, a very good chance that it will double up as a phone too.

So, does all this mean that Microsoft has embraced the phone design for this device, after all?

Because, really, how else could you have a device that users can use for calls, but not have a matching form factor?

Nokia, of course, already tried this with the Ngage, a device that offered gaming capabilities alongside the ability to phone. And that was a product that failed to gain traction, partly due to the fact that it was very awkward to use it for calls.

Let’s just hope Microsoft has a good handle on things, as it gears up to launch this new device that may shape its hardware future.

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