Another Microsoft Fail – the Wrong Windows 10 Update Sent to Users

Windows 10 frustration

Here we go again, the second time in as many months that the Redmond company has issued the wrong update.

It’s getting a little embarrassing for Microsoft; in October, they issued the wrong update to Windows users and now they’ve done it again. The October update was designed to improve devices configured on Windows Autopilot but, instead of being sent to just THOSE devices, Microsoft sent it to everyone. Autopilot is a business environment app and Windows 10 home users certainly didn’t expect or need it.

This time, another Autopilot update, KB4532441, was sent to all users again, as part of Patch Tuesday. But, let’s be fair to the Redmond company here; they did spot their mistake quickly, acknowledged it, ad promptly took the update down.

If you did get the update and you did install it, there isn’t anything to worry about. If you use Autopilot, it will have been updated but, if you don’t, no harm done. Microsoft says, “There is no effect on Windows Autopilot being offered to Windows 10 devices. If you were offered this update and do not use Autopilot, installing this update will not affect you.”

The update can be removed as well, without any harm done to your system.

So, while it may not be a disaster, it is another embarrassment for Microsoft. And, no doubt, it won’t be the last time the wrong update is pushed out, although hopefully, we won’t see one for a while.

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