Another New Category Added To Windows Store

Microsoft is most definitely aware just how important apps are for the long-term success of its new Windows 8 platform and this is one reason why the company keeps on tinkering with the Windows Store every now and then, usually to welcome results.

Creating new categories and updating categories to showcase the best apps at this early stage of the Windows Store is in many ways essential so the users can be pointed towards the finest applications.

At the start of 2013, one such section just popped up on the store in the “Lifestyle” category, displaying the right apps to make this the best year ever — in their own words, of course.

The new category includes several productivity, health and fitness apps. As the official description of the new section reads:

“Now is the time to start thinking about how to make this year your best year! Whether you want to commit to a healthier, productive, or more organized life, these apps will get you started.”

You may recall Microsoft created another subcategory back in December (during the Holiday Season) which was labeled “Great offers on apps”. It was for a limited time only, and all things point to the new one to be likewise.

Not sure how long it will remain available in the store, but this special new category for the New Year can be accessed using all builds of Windows 8 including RT.

Anyway, this seems to be regular practice and similar changes with new sections and subcategories should be expected in the future on important events.

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