Another Photo Shows The Redesigned Windows Store In Detail

Little did we know when the news of the companywide Blue initiative came out that Microsoft would be updating and redesigning several of its products and services.

While important products like Windows and Windows Phone were definite to receive some new enhancements, Redmond has also decided to give the Windows Store a more modern look.

The company showcased some of its new products both at Computex 2013 and TechEd, providing users with first glimpses into some of the major improvements that it is working on. We got our first look at the upcoming redesign of the apps recently via a presentation image that was snapped up.

Now another photo has made its way to the web, showing that the Windows Store is going to adopt a much more modern look than the existing version.

As can be seen from the image above, apps will easily be brought into spotlight and details for each app will be provided without the need of individually opening respective pages.

And that’s not all — the redesigned store will come with a new search box that will help users quickly find a specific app. Until now the only way to search the Windows Store was using the Charms, and these new changes will go a fair bit in making the experiencing of finding apps a lot faster.

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