Another School Chooses Microsoft Tablets Over iPads

Microsoft continues its efforts to promote its Surface line of tablets around the world, including enterprises, organizations and institutes. The fact that these tablets run a familiar operating system and several recognizable software solutions plays heavily in its favor.

It seems now that Redmond has secured another important win in the UK.

Teachers, like several corporate IT managers, seem to find the Surface RT the best tablet currently available in the market thanks in no small part to its ability to run the Office suite.

The British West Suffolk College has just announced that it is picking Microsoft’s tablet running Windows RT, and making the switch because it comes with a version of Microsoft Office. And what’s more, according to them this little fact alone makes the device better than the iPad.

In a prepared statement, Angela Bingham, Admissions and Customer service manager said:

“I had the option of having an iPad or Surface RT. And because a lot of my work is management and data, from my point of view the iPad wasn’t suitable. All my documents are in Word, Excel or PowerPoint. The Surface tablet, though, has been fantastic.”

Something tells me that more of this is what Microsoft wants to hear from now on.

The company is gearing up to launch the Surface Pro soon in the United Kingdom, as it prepares to launch its slate running the full version of Windows 8 in several European countries. The launch is slated to start late May.

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