Another sign that Cortana is coming to Windows 8 very soon

case to bring Cortana to the Windows platform, Microsoft, it appears have just taken the first steps. The early signs are all there. Yes, I am talking about the newest improvements that are set to be part of the Bing Smart Search feature on Windows 8.1. The ones that allow users to look for information on their PCs using natural phrases instead of keywords. And while Microsoft is, up until now, yet to comment on the possibility of seeing Cortana on its flagship platforms, there are voices that Cortana on Windows could be a reality very soon. The updated Bing Smart Search is now capable of better providing suggestions and related search queries in order to get things done faster. Now, admittedly these are just the search options that are being optimized to exist alongside Cortana in the operating system, but this very idea of making searching more natural is, essentially, a very big part of what the digital assistant is all about. Plus, it would not just help keep things organized a bit better on Windows devices, an integration like this could also aid Microsoft in competing against the other OS rivals. Digital assistants are already available on Android and iOS tablets. Windows powered tablets are next. And so is Windows.]]>

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