Another Windows 8 Business Survey Reveals Slow Demand

One can almost imagine how things are going on at Redmond these days. Microsoft continues to pitch Windows 8 to businesses and enterprises, as analysts around the world blast the new OS for its disappointing early uptake.

Several organizations have conducted surveys for Microsoft’s latest operating system and most point that Windows 8 remains a bit of an unappealing piece of software for most.

Of course, the fact that its predecessor, Windows 7 is widely regarded as one of the best ever operating system does not help things one bit — but that’s technology for you.

A new study conducted for Sage North America, a business software vendor, focused on medium-sized businesses (SMBs) confirms that interest in Windows 8 still remains low, and not many are planning to make the switch to the new operating system.

The report published on reveals that 20 percent of the respondents said that they are already either using Windows 8 or planning to deploy the new operating system in the near future.

However, the percentage of users that outright said that they had no intention of upgrading their operating system came in at 19.8 percent. Even Stevens, eh?

Stepping into the undecided territory shows that 23.4 of those surveyed admitted that they are thinking about installing Windows 8, while the number of businesses that are still undecided on their desktop operating system is a big 36.7 percent.

Obviously, most will make a decision soon — Microsoft hopes it is sooner.

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