App Watch: A Glance At Flickr

The lack, or in some cases slow arrival, of official applications for popular services means that third-party developers have to fly in for the rescue. It happened on other platforms at the start, and the case for Windows 8 is no different.

One such application is A Glance At Flickr. A nifty name accompanies an effective design, and the app allows users to enjoy photos on Flickr without leaving the Metro interface of their Windows 8 computer.

Here is a look at the official description of the app:

“Whether you’re trying to show off your photostream, sneak a peek into your contacts’ recent photos, enjoy your favorites again or find new ones in today’s interestingness, A glance of Flickr will help you achieve just that and maybe more.”

Browsing is the name of the game here — and even the features list on the app’s page seems to hit home this point. The app boasts no advertisements will be added in ever (bold claim), and offers the ability to browse photos of users and contacts, along with newest uploads.

The minimal black interface works dandy, putting the emphasis on the images as opposed to the UI, and the latest update to the application brings the ability to add comments.

At the end of the day, this is not a bad option for enjoying some Flickr images. And though the app could use a few improvements here and there (okay, more than here and there) it does its job quite well. Oh and by the way, all versions of Windows 8 are supported by this free app.

Click here to check out A Glance At Flickr on the Windows Store.

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