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All hail, the video revolution!

Some of you may still remember the days when video on the Internet was a luxury. Bandwidth constraints (dial-up, anyone?), inefficient codecs (long time no see, 240 pixel jittery AVI files) combined with expensive hosting meant that videos files were few and far between.

All that changed with advent of newer and better technology.

Videos are pretty much an essential part of the Internet life now — news clips, music videos, sports highlights, instructional videos, ads and whatnot. And although several video sharing sites have popped up over the years, YouTube remains the undisputed leader.

The Windows Store is brimming with YouTube apps, allowing users to watch or download videos. Sadly, most of them are of subdued quality. Some rare few, however, come with impressive feature sets.

One such app is AndaTube, available for free on the Window Store.

This native Windows 8 application is designed from the grounds up to help users listen to music hits within the Metro UI. The app makes good use of the modern interface, is fully optimized for touch, and a full screen mode option completes the slick experience.

You can also create playlists, and even display the lyrics of the song currently playing on the screen.

Several other useful features are included too, allowing you to view the most popular videos, as well as movie trailers in glorious high-definition quality. Downloading the videos is effortless too, with three simple options for video quality —high, medium and low resolutions.

And like most quality Windows 8 apps, AndaTube supports all flavors of the operating system, from x86 and x64 to ARM devices.

Click here to check out the product page of the AndaTube app.

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