App Watch: Bing My Lockscreen

Earlier version of Windows were high on customizability, offering plenty of unique themes and visual styles, and this also carries on over to the latest iteration of the operating system.

But while changing the lock screen image in Windows 8 is easy as apple pie (using the Settings menu, of course) this is one app that may interest those you who are into surprises.

Microsoft’s Bing search engines serves up a groovy new image every day, and this simple little app can grab that every day and automatically set it as your Lock Screen background. The official description:

“Bing has the greatest images & now you can get use them for your lock screen. Set one of the eight latest images manually or automatically update the lockscreen to today’s image! You can also copy the image to your machine, perfect for use as a desktop!

If you want to email the image to a friend, why not use the share charm to share the image with your email program. Your live tile will also update to show the most recent images, great to keep your desktop feeling fresh & alive!”

You can also browse the last eight images and set them yourself, manually, but where is the fun in that?!

As you may have guessed Internet access is required for this app to work, and it supports all Windows 8 platforms (x86, x64 and ARM) making it a perfect fit for tablets.

Click here to check out Bing My Lockscreen on the Windows Store.

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