App Watch: CNN App For Windows

While the number of available apps on the Windows Store is continually rising, a disconcertingly large proportion of applications for Microsoft’s new platform are from small independent developers.

But occasionally high-profile apps make their debut on the repository. This is one such app.

Those of you who like to keep tabs on news, and find out what’s happening from across the world, can do so right from the Metro UI of Windows 8 with the CNN App for Windows.

CNN has just launched its official app for Windows 8 that brings with it not just the network’s vast new coverage but also a bunch of special features. Better yet, the app offers seamless integration with Microsoft’s latest OS.

The app comes with support for live tiles, and the latest stories are displayed right on the Start Screen. Stories from many different categories (politics, international, entertainment, technology, and more) are delivered straight to your Windows 8 device.

CNN App for Windows also allows users to contribute their stories and opinion to CNN iReport directly from within the application, as well as the ability to follow other iReporters and see stories from their point of view.

The configuration options could definitely be improved, but the program does allow for changing font sizes to best suit the users taste.

Click here to check out the CNN App for Windows on the Windows Store.

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