App Watch: Convert Units HD

Coding Windows apps may not be easy, but coding a quality application sure is hard. Just take a look around the Windows Store, the ratio of great apps is very low compared to serviceable ones.

This particularly holds true for calculator or unit conversion apps.

One look at Convert Units HD and it becomes plain evident — this is an app with heart and soul poured into the development process. Everything from design, interface, calculations, and features is top notch.

Before we get to them, though, here is a selection of the official description:

“The FASTEST app to convert units. Type a few letters and the units appear like magic! Convert temperature, distance, area, weight, currencies and many, many more!”

Using the app is an absolute joy. The results are automatically calculated as the numbers are input, several units are available for conversion, and precision is high – up to 10 decimal units. The graphics range from sleek and slick. In other words, the visuals look great.

Available to download for free, this is one of the must-have apps on Windows devices. The paid version brings automatic currency updates, among other customization features, and removal of ads. Then again, this is an app worth paying for, if you use it regularly.

The app is also available on Windows Phone, by the way. But on the Windows platform it offers support for all versions of the operating system, and is perfectly optimized for touchscreens.

Click here to check out Convert Units HD on the Windows Store.

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