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There is no shortage of video players available on the Windows Store. But a number of multimedia playback applications on the Windows Store are lacking FLV support.

And this actually is one of the reasons why so many people are waiting for the official VLC port.

FLV is obviously, the Flash Video format, a container format for video on the Internet. Several websites still utilize it and downloading videos in this format and playback could be a bit of an issue for mobile Windows 8 users, running the Windows RT platform.

Enter FLV Media Player, a simple solution to open FLV files without leaving the Modern UI. More details below, but first the overly simplistic official description:

“FLV Media Player by Jujuba Software lets you play FLV files easily and with no fuss.”

No fuss, indeed.

The free app is one of the more popular ones around on the Windows Store, and offers an interface that is completely optimized for touch, with easy to use features. In fact, the interface is pretty focused on steamed content, meaning users can quickly pause and restate playback of a loaded clip.

And as the name gives away, the app is aimed squarely at the FLV format — no other extensions are supported. The latest version fixes a few bugs while bringing performance improvements.

The app plays nicely (pun always intended) with all version of Windows 8, including x86, x64 and ARM builds, but it’s functionality is something that will be most appreciated by Windows RT users.

Click here to check out FLV Media Player on the Windows Store.

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