App Watch: Glide

This is one app if you are the type that spends half your life on the Internet. Glide connects your devices to several cloud services, providing quick and effortless access to all files you have stored online.

All important players are here, including Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive.

The app offers the ability to automatically covert files formats as needed, for comfortable sharing with people. And as you would expect you can play image slideshows as well as music and video playlists. The dashboard displays files from different connected devices and cloud services.

Here is the official description, hot off the product page:

“Glide is a free service that connects your devices and cloud services so that you have access to all of your files no matter where they are stored. With Glide you can easily share and publish files and web content from your PC or mobile device. Glide automatically converts file formats when needed for easy sharing with friends and family!”

The latest update to the app brought several helpful new features like improved search, sorting as well as delete option, along with a host of bug fixes.

Glide is available for all versions of Windows 8 — x86, x64 and ARM making it an almost indispensible little tool for tablet owners.

Click here to check out Glide on the Windows Store.

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