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Continuing on with our recent flow of highlighting apps that arrive with Windows 8.1 here is another one. Just like the official Facebook app that was released yesterday, this one will please a lot of users.

Windows 95 users, in particular, will be the happiest of the bunch.

Back in 1995, Microsoft included a first person science fiction action game called Hover with every CD-ROM copy of Windows 95. The company was in retro mood recently, when it brought the game to Internet Explorer 11 to showcase the abilities of its modern browsers.

The updated web only version of Hover can be accessed at the website. But now Microsoft has ported the HTML5 version of the game into a Windows Metro app and put it up on the Windows Store.

Here is the short and sweet official description:

“Hover is Back – Internet Explorer 11 brings the classic Windows 95 capture-the-flag game to the web with brand new 3D graphics and touch gameplay.”

This is a standalone app for Windows 8.1 users — one that has been designed with both touchscreens and the mouse/keyboard combo in mind. The premise of the game is simple enough. Players take control of a futuristic hovercraft and play capture the flag.

Though the Windows 8.1 version of Hover appears to be a single player game, without any online multiplayer features (for now, at least) that are part of the web version, it does include the neat little Easter Egg that transforms it into a Windows 95 version.

Just type ‘bambi’ to bring up the Windows 95 version, complete with the classic desktop, including concepts of Twitter and Facebook.

The free app supports the latest version of Microsoft’s modern OS on all three processors — namely 32-bit, 64-bit and ARM based ones. Needless to say, this is a must download by any and all counts.

Click here to check out Hover on the Windows Store.

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