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If there is one thing that has been radically turned upside down with the advent of digital technology, it is the TV watching habits of the world. The days of waiting (and taping) TV shows are long gone.

In fact, mobile technology is slowly altering the way television is experienced as a whole — with newer, better video codecs, improved bandwidth and network speeds along with improved software solutions on multiple platforms.

Kids TV Shows, as the name quite aptly gives away is one of the countless entertainment apps available on the Windows Store offering streaming videos at the touch of a, well, button. The official description is one of the briefest you will find:

“Beautiful app with kids favorite shows along with videos, show characters and image galleries.”

Yeah, just like that.

Beautiful it is, but it’s what’s in store for you (read the kids in the house) once you download and install this highly-rated app is what really matters.

A plethora and cornucopia of varied TV shows aimed at kids is at your disposal — everything from obvious choices like Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse and Sesame Street to (relatively) obscure classics like Moomin and a bunch more.

Along with providing instant access to cartoons and shows, the app offers a bunch of added extras like memory games, character and image galleries.

In other words, no more bored kids with this application!

The free app also provides useful functionalities for parents, with parental control passwords for restricted access. It also does not skimp on extras like Snap View, favorites, search and sorting options. All Windows 8 versions are supported by this touch-optimized application.

Click here to check out Kids TV Shows on the Windows Store.

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