App Watch: Lingvo

It is remarkable just how much language translation has come forward compared to the early days of computing. There is no shortage of new and improved solutions that can interpret and translate between languages.

And more impressively, most of them do an accurate and believable job.

Lingvo is one of the best reference apps available on the Windows Store, providing easy access to nine dictionaries — from English to German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian even Latin.

The official description:

“Lingvo gives you an instant access to high-quality translation dictionaries: Russian to English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Latin, Kazakh, Ukrainian, and back. A great app for easy reading, writing and learning. Internet connection is required to view translations and listen to audio pronunciations.”

Better yet, the free app not just allows the lookup of words, but also provides usage examples in the form of phrases along with synonyms and antonyms. Very helpful! Even more helpful is the ability to listen to pronunciation and hear how the words sound when spoken.

The app supports Snap View making it an excellent solution to have running when browsing, reading or watching videos (with foreign subtitles).

All Windows 8 platforms are supported (x86 to x64 and ARM), and the design is clean and simple as one would expect. The only catch is the Internet requirement for the app to function properly, but then again this more of a translation app than a bona find dictionary that could be used offline.

Click here to check out Lingvo on the Windows Store.

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