App Watch: Logos Quiz+

Quiz and guessing games are all the rage on other platforms. Finally, a quality one shows up for Windows 8. And judging by the amount of downloads and ratings, this is undoubtedly one of the most popular apps available on the Windows Store.

The premise of Logos Quiz+ simple — correctly guessing 640 of the logos, insignias and corporate emblems provided. Here is the (exited) official description:

“We see logos every day in TV, in the street and in the products we use, but don’t really notice them.
Can you solve all the logos and become a *Logo Master*?
Learn more about all the logos and what they represent!
Use the hints to help you guess the names!”

The game is easy to start playing as you work your way through everything from blue chip companies to brands, even football clubs and comic characters.

To add a bit of a spice to the overall experience, the logos are partially obscured, making the game a fair bit challenging. You will be able to guess the more popular ones, but others would require some heavy concentration and focus.

Luckily, you also get access to thousands of hints that help with guessing.

The app offers complete support for both touchscreen input as well as conventional keyboard, and is available on all Windows 8 platforms (x86, x64 and ARM). An online leaderboard is also included to compare top scores.

Click here to check out Logos Quiz+ on the Windows Store.

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