App Watch: Math-Lab

If you have kids in the house, then educational apps are a lifesaver. Not only do high-quality, well-designed educational apps keep the young ones entertained, but they also make learning fun.

A good educational app is a perfect blend of bright colorful graphics and engaging learning material, and Math-Lab (or Mathlab) is an example of one such app focusing on mathematics.

The official description details this best:

“The foundation of excellence in Math is right practice. Mathlab provides perfect environment for students of Grade 1 to 5 to practice and sharpen their math skills. We have systematically divided the entire curriculum in to 650+ granular skills.

From number recognition, counting, addition and subtraction to fractions, decimals and measurements. Mathlab addresses every topic and skill as per the grade level.”

The idea is to help children grasp each skill (addition, subtraction, multiplication, shapes and more), and move them up to more difficult levels once they master it. To keep things interesting, students get meals, certificates and rewards as they go up.

The latest update brought in more questions and corrected a few earlier ones.

Math-Lab is available for free and supports Windows 8 on all platforms, including x86 and x64 builds along with tablets and mobile devices powered by ARM processors.

Click here to check out Math-Lab on the Windows Store.

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