App Watch: Metro Toolbox

Ah, the customary toolbox app that is the staple on other mobile platforms. Windows 8 now finally has a toolbox app that it can call its own, and it goes by the name of Metro Toolbox.

Though simple and humble in what it offers, this free app includes a calculator, unit converter, clock and stopwatch under one icon. In fact, it can display all four tools in one screen — highly usable, indeed.

Here is the official description in its entirety:

“Metro Toolbox is a combination application which contains a variety of tools, including calculators and unit conversion (conversion of weights and measures), clock, stopwatch timer. This application makes full use of the horizontal, vertical, or side of the screen.

In order to use freely, horizontal of the screen is able to show four tool applications at the same time, and each application also can be shown on the same screen. Vertical sides can enlarge a single tool, for example, the calculator can also show more features.”

The design of the application is modern and Metro inspired, and while it could use a few touchups here and there, it gets the job done for the most part. The feature set of the four tools, however, is decent enough with plenty of options for each.

All Windows 8 platforms (x86, x64 and ARM) are supported, and this is clearly an app that at home both on traditional PCs as well as on tablet devices.

Click here to check out Metro Toolbox on the Windows Store.

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