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All other YouTube apps on the Window Store better beware! The immensely popular MetroTube app has finally arrive on the Windows 8 platform, and judging from reviews and ratings is everything what the fans may have hoped for.

The app finds its roots on Windows Phone, where it has enjoyed massive success.

Developer Lazyworm promised to bring this app to Microsoft’s newest platform a little while back, and the app was finally released on the Windows Store a few days back — to great ratings, positive feedback and impressive downloads.

The official description is light and elegant, just like the app itself:

“YouTube. Beautifully designed.”

Beautifully designed it is, making absolutely great use of the Metro design philosophy.

This newly released version offers support for both Windows 8 and Windows RT, and is expectedly completely optimized for touch based usage. The free app allows users to watch videos in HQ, HD and full HD, while also providing access to subscriptions, favorites and the option to watch later.

In other words, as fully featured a YouTube application as one would hope.

Additionally, the MetroTube app packs dedicated features to customize the main hub, along with native Windows 8 features that make great use of the charms to share and search clips. Live Tiles support is also included to let users know when new video clips are available on the popular video sharing website.

Click here to check out MetroTube on the Windows Store.

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