App Watch: Minecraft Memory Game

The release of the official Minecraft game on Windows 8 is still some leagues away and from the way things are looking is not likely to land on Microsoft’s newest operating system anytime soon.

But if you are one of the countless fans of the game, this simple puzzle game could quest your thirst. As the name suggests, Minecraft Memory Game is a classic memory game taking more than a few design elements from the highly popular blocky open world title.

The official game description reads:

“If your favorite game is Minecraft, you will have fun looking for the funny characters as pork, zombie, Enderman, spider, skeleton and many other adventurers of minecraft.”

This free puzzle app may be light on features, but as an unofficial game based upon a popular title, it still nails down the mechanics of memory matching quite aptly. The design, look and feel of Minecraft is just a very nice looking icing on the cake.

Several of the distinctive elements from the game all make an appearance, including the recognizable animals designed in the trademark blocky style.

The game work flawlessly on all three Windows 8 builds, from the desktop versions like x86 and x64 to the tablet flavor of Windows RT.

Click here to check out Minecraft Memory Game on the Windows Store.

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