App Watch: Mobilligy

There are apps on the Windows Store that are coded by independent people, and then there are high profile apps developed by large setups. Mobilligy is a free online bill payment solution that has just brought its neat little app to Windows 8.

The service allows users to view and pay all their monthly bills quickly, easily and for free using one convenient interface. Account balances can also be checked whenever needed.

Here is a small selection from the mile long, yet informative official description:

“Mobilligy is the only free bill payment solution and is the best way to manage and pay your bills. If you’ve ever paid a late fee, forgotten a bill, had to reset a password, or worried about how secure your payments are, Mobilligy is for you!”

The app also allows you to see which bills are coming up in the near future, and users also get notifications to stay on top of things that require their attention.

Users can also check their account balance and keep track of past bills to spot any inconsistencies.

Like all professional applications, this free app is very well designed, making great use of the screen real estate and offers a clean interface that is easy to comprehend and grasp in a matter of minutes. It also supports all versions of Windows 8, and is optimized both for traditional and touch based usage.

Click here to check out Mobilligy on the Windows Store.

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