App Watch: My Fortune Cookie Jar

While other platforms like iOS and Android boast a helpful amount of casual entertainment apps, Windows 8 still seems to be trying when it comes to this particular segment.

My Fortune Cookie Jar is one such app that provides some casual fun. As you would expect, this simple application gives you the ability to touch and read your fortune by cracking open the cookie, complete with a crisp accompanying sound.

Here is a detailed and (personal) description of the app complete with the background story:

“My Fortune Cookie Jar gives you a random fortune from an actual fortune cookie that was acquired at an authentic Asian restaurant! Over the past 20 years, Lauri (my girlfriend) has kept every fortune she received from every fortune cookie she was given while eating out at Asian restaurants all over the United States. This app is a repository of all of those fortunes, and now they are being shared with everyone!”

There are well over 550 fortunes in the database, and new updates bring even more. And with Twitter and Facebook integration right within the app, social sharing is a breeze. And better yet, you don’t need Internet access to zip through your fortune reveals.

All Windows 8 platforms (x86, x64 and ARM) are supported by this free app.

Click here to check out My Fortune Cookie Jar on the Windows Store.

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