App Watch: NeroKwick

There is no shortage of photography or social apps on the Windows Store, but it seems that every other day a new one pops up that promises even better features and functionalities than the ones already available.

NeroKwick is another such app. Intriguingly titled, this app provides users with access to photos that they have on all their devices and on the social networking sites like Facebook, Google+ and SugarSync.

Here is the official description:

“NeroKwik lets you consolidate all your photos stored on your smart phones, tablets, desktops, cloud storage and social media sites. Now you can access and share those treasured moments at anytime and anywhere. Just connect your devices and services with NeroKwik. You are set to view them in one single photo library. No manual organizing or uploading.”

It takes quite some time for the app to collect and display all the photos, but once done, they are then available for viewing right within the application.

You can then browse the images here using the app’s interface, or use the photo collage and sharing features that it provides. Collages, called tapestries in the app, can then be shared via email or publically on Facebook or Google+.

The free app currently only supports the x86 and x64 builds of Windows 8, but hopefully support for Windows RT is coming soon, particularly now with the ARM platform now poised for growth.

Click here to check out NeroKwick on the Windows Store.

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