App Watch: New Space Hunt

From the classic Duck Hunt to New Space Hunt, gaming sure has come a long way in the span of a couple of decades. Another matching game has just landed on the Windows Store aiming to offer a new experience with the tried and tested object matching formula.

New Space Hunt has you matching planets, stars and spaceships and everything in between. The gameplay mechanics are what you would expect from a match three game, just with a space touch — and oh, some great presentation to go with it.

Here is a look at the official description:

“This classic matching game combines the serenity of space with fast-paced arcade action. In Space Hunt, there are two minutes on the clock – how many matches can you make before time runs out? Bonuses like spaceships and stars should help – match them for explosive effects that will rock the cosmos and clear the board!”

Can’t argue with a word like cosmos!

As noted above, this is a match three game at heart. Players have to match three of more matching planets in a row, and the quicker one matches the faster the chain bonus is built up — resulting in multiplied points.

The presentation (both audio and visual) of this free game is colorfully top notch, and it supports both touch screen and mouse control. Speaking of support, it can also be played on ARM versions of Windows 8, meaning Surface RT owners can be in on the action.

Click here to check out New Space Hunt on the Windows Store.

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