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Have space for another little news reading app, one with a bit of a social sparkle? Well you better, because this is one is one of the most interesting ones to land on the Windows Store.

Creatively titled, Newseen focuses on news stories that people are talking about, instead of piling together anything and everything that it finds. Users can mix and match their favorite categories, and even get the option of swiping away the stories that they do not want to read.

The official description perfectly details how the app works:

“Newseen is a new kind of news reader. Instead of mimicking an inbox that piles up and becomes a burden, Newseen focuses on the news stories people are talking about right now. It groups articles from different sources together. This lets you see each story from as many or as few different angles as you like and then move along to other news.

If a story you’ve already read changes with updates or new articles, Newseen will let you know by bubbling it up to the top of the handy Recently Seen list. And if you use Twitter, you’ll see tweets from your friends and other followees pop up on stories they’re talking about, both for stories you’ve read and those you haven’t gotten to yet.”

The free app regularly receives updates that fix performance issues as well as iron out the bugs. Newseen may be high on the features side of things, but the design and UI is rather simple and could use some uplift, even if navigation is fast and fluid.

But on the flipside, the app also offers the color pink — and few can say no to that.

Newseen is available on all Windows platforms that support apps, meaning the 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows as well as Windows RT, the ARM based flavor of the operating system.

Click here to check out Newseen on the Windows Store.

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