App Watch: Next At Microsoft

Next At Microsoft is Microsoft’s attempt to connect with its fans (and general public), and a great way to officially stay up to date with the latest projects Microsoft is working on. Now with a dedicated app like this, technology enthusiasts can get the word straight from the horse’s mouth at the tap of a finger. An editor at the blog, Steve Clayton, announced the good news:

“Telling those stories visually has been at the core of Next and the magazine style approach to the blog has been carried over in to the application – I want to make the stories visual and easy to share and I hope you find we’ve achieved that. Performance was also a key goal so you can speed through the content with a flick and not be distracted by unnecessary bells and whistles”.
Like most applications developed by Microsoft, it comes with support for Windows RT. Plus, the app makes great use of Windows 8 charms, allowing users to easily email and share stories on Twitter, Facebook, among others. It is not available in all markets as of yet, but will get there most definitely in due time. Click here to load the app page in your browser.]]>

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