App Watch: Norton Studio

Among the security solution providers, Norton has been a bit of a certified leader when it comes to developing for Microsoft’s now and modern platform. We have already covered a couple of Norton apps, and here is another one.

Norton Studio is an application designed to provide complete control over Norton products that a user has installed, right from within the Modern UI. Think of it as a handy and customized control panel.

The official description is short, simple and straight forward:

“Uniquely designed and optimized for Windows 8, Norton Studio allows users to view, manage and explore Norton products, on various PCs and devices, from a central location.”

Obviously, users of Norton products will get the most benefit from this app.

They get the ability to get a visual status of their systems, view snapshots as well as fix flagged problems on both local and remote systems. But there is enough for other users too.

The Global Threat Level serves as a handy resource to keep tabs on the latest security issues around the world, along with news and commentary. Symantec also updates the program regularly — the latest refresh fixed a number of issues and improved certain features, including performance.

Do keep in mind though that the app only supports the x86 and x64 versions of Windows 8, not ARM based ones. This is okay, considering that Norton products are only designed for the 32-bit and 64-bit flavors of Microsoft’s flagship operating platform.

Click here to check out Norton Studio on the Windows Store.

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