App Watch: NovaMind Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is a system where ideas and information is taken and placed in a clear and distinct diagram where everything is evident at a glance. Those of you familiar with organization charts can understand the underlying concept.

There are a few mind mapping applications for Windows 8, but none compare to what is on offer here.

NovaMind Mind Mapping is one of the best (if not outright the best) mind mapping apps available on the Windows Store. The app offers, shall we say, an excess of choices, to help users create and manage any and all kinds of mind maps quickly, easily and elaborately.

The official description:

“Visualize your information to get things done.

Mind Mapping is the simple process of putting your ideas in an attractive and interactive visual format. Whether you use it for to-do lists, planning, brainstorming, problem solving or any other type of thinking, Mind Mapping is a great way to see the big picture and drill down to all of the important details.

With NovaMind, creating a Mind Maps is easier than ever.”

The free app allows users to create to-do lists, as easily as brainstorming new ideas for their work, education and life projects. Thousands of images and decorations are just a tap away, and the app also includes a gallery of sample mind maps to get you started.

It offers full tablet support, and the interface is completely optimized for touch use. Support for all version of Windows 8 (x86, x64 and ARM) comes standard.

Click here to check out NovaMind Mind Mapping on the Windows Store.

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