App Watch: Piano Time

Touch screen devices are perfect for music apps, and there are plenty available on all platforms. Windows Store still has a long way to go to when it comes to music instrument apps.

Piano Time is free, simple app that is perfect for some casual music fun.

Children in particular will enjoy the uncluttered layout. The design and animations are modest and could use some high quality gloss, but this is understandable considering the price. Sound quality, however, is very decent with the included stereo samples.

Luckily this unsophisticated little app plays nicely (see what I did there) with a touchscreen, keyboard or even a mouse for input, and offers 36 playable keys along with 4 selectable octaves that you can use to record and playback music.

Multiple keyboard mapping layouts are included allowing for easy selection of the one you are most comfortable with. You have the ability to save and share MP3 files of your recordings.

While best suited for occasional musical enjoyment, there is enough here for you to use Piano Time to learn to play the piano or even practice your skills.

The app works with all versions of Windows, x86, x64 and ARM, though admittedly tablet owners will have the most fun with this.

Click here to check out Piano Time on the Windows Store.

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