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The mobile revolution has brought around many things. But one win you just have to give to these modern apps is just how easy they make complex photography tasks.

Take the mildly complex (for beginners, at least) task of creating photo collages, for instance. I recall the now discontinued Microsoft Picture It! software that offered an intuitively easy way out of this.

Opening up advanced photo editing programs like Photoshop or PiantShop back in those days meant one had to be knowledgeable and familiar with the interface to really pull something like this off, which not many were. But now with apps like Pic Stitch, creating photography collages is an absolute breeze.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, here is the official description:

“Quickly combine multiple photos into one beautifully framed collage. Pic Stitch packs a simple design with a powerful editor to give you everything you could possibly want to make your photo’s simply amazing.

Use Pic Stitch to create a before-and-after sequence, combine great photos of each of your kids, or produce a photographic series.”

The description details almost everything there is to this simple yet efficient app. You get well over 200 different layout choices, along with several photo aspect ratios.

Customizable photo border and effects round up the feature set, and once your masterpiece is ready, it can be easily exported to sites and social networks like Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, etc.

This is a paid app that comes with a $1.99 price tag, but a free trial version is available. It is regularly updated with bug fixes and addition of new features — one of the last updates brought around the ability to import files from SkyDrive, Bing and other sources.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, all versions of Windows 8 are supported, including ARM based ones.

Click here to check out Pic Stitch on the Windows Store.

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