App Watch: PODCASTS!

Microsoft has bundled Windows 8 (and Windows RT) with several apps, but one area where Redmond seems to have frisked a bit is podcasts. Enter third-party developers to the rescue!

PODCASTS! is one of the more popular apps in this category offering users the ability to browse, search, stream (and listen!) to countless podcasts without leaving the modern interface. You get the ability to not just subscribe to your favorite podcasts, but also download episodes for playback at a later time.

Both audio and video podcasts are supported.

The app also keeps track of recently played episodes and where they are left off, allowing the option of continuing from where they are left off.

The most recent update to the app brings the ability to view podcasts that are not in the catalog, and also the very helpful option of controlling playback speed of both audio and video podcasts.

When it comes to interface, PODCASTS! gives the option of choosing from five different color schemes. Search is easy to perform and the app fully supports rotation and snapping.

The free app supports all version of Windows 8 (x86, x64 and ARM) making it an essential download not just for desktop users but tablet owners as well.

Podcast may be an Apple centric word, but the experience never looked better on Windows 8.

Click here to check out PODCASTS! on the Windows Store.

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