App Watch: PuzzleTouch

When it comes to mobile devices, tablets have their smartphone counterparts beat on many different fronts. But no smartphone comes close to offering the fun and pleasure of solving traditional old-school puzzles that one gets on slates.

The large screen size and easy touch controls make them a perfect device for these sorts of games.

A fair amount of puzzle games are available on Microsoft’s app repository for Windows 8, but few can match the excitement that PuzzleTouch brings. Here is the official description:

“PuzzleTouch includes dozens of spectacular images and realistic jigsaw puzzles. Plus, you can create your own personal puzzles using your computer’s camera or photo album — you’ll never run out of puzzles! With four levels of increasing difficulty, PuzzleTouch provides endless hours of entertainment.”

Players start with easy 12-piece puzzles, and once they have a hang on things, the game moves them onto harder puzzles — including extreme ones that allow for 360 degrees rotation.

Since the app is designed for all ages, users can choose between the simplest of puzzles with 6 pieces to insane ones that can go up to 1000 pieces. The free game already offers some amazing images, but also comes with the functionality that allows the creation of personalized puzzles using the camera.

Oh, and as one would expect, it supports both mouse-based controls along with touch-based input, making the game usable both on traditional desktop and notebook computers as well as tablets.

Click here to check out PuzzleTouch on the Windows Store.

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